Year 9 Visit University of Sussex Campus

Year 9 Visit University of Sussex Campus

Year 9 First Generation Scholars’ Scheme – Making Choices Campus Visit

On Wednesday 23rd October, our Year 9 First Generation Making Choices students visited the University of Sussex for their introductory day on the programme. Students were welcomed by Uni Sussex Ambassadors who walked the group to the Arts lecture theatre where they were introduced to the Making Choices programme. They played a game of True or False which involved answering lots of questions about University life: funding, courses, number of students etc. We think our students had been doing some research as they mostly all answered correctly every time!! Ambassadors then took students on a campus trail where they viewed the library, sports centre, meeting house, student union and student accommodation. We then had lunch in the University refectory – students were given a lunch voucher to the value of £7.00 and had to stay within budget which was a challenge with the delicious choices of food on offer! Ambassadors then took the group to the Fulton building for a subject taster session. Students then had an academic session with one of the student Ambassadors, Jorja who is studying International Business and Law.  Jorja split the students into 2 groups and set the task of discussing ethical issues in International business. One group represented the legal team for Nike and the other group the legal team for The Guardian.  Students were asked whether Nike should use the American ethical standards in their Vietnamese factory.  The ‘legal teams’ considered important issues such as the age of employees, working conditions, working hours and the hourly wage. Students from each team put forward some well thought out arguments for and against each issue and we were impressed with their engagement. Finally, students played the ‘Finance Game’. Students started by being given an idea of income that they may start University with: student maintenance loan, part-time job, savings & University bursary. They were then given expenditure choices for costs of living whilst at University. This included monthly groceries shop, travel costs, accommodation cost, clothing, socialising and other expenditure. Depending on their choices they may have had money left at the end of the month, no money or even be in debt! They really enjoyed finding out about the cost of going to University and asked our Ambassadors lots of questions! Our students thoroughly enjoyed their day at Uni Sussex and our Ambassadors commented on how well behaved our students were, also how enthusiastic and engaged they were with the day’s activities. Our thanks to the University of Sussex Student Ambassadors and the Making Choices team for a fantastic day on campus!

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