Year 9 Careers Day

Year 9 Careers Day


As part of Ratton’s extensive Careers programme, on Tuesday 29th February, all of our Year 9 students took part in their Careers Day events. This involved 3 activities which were run throughout the day. The students were split into 3 groups and each group attended 3 sessions.


First up was a session in the Hall called ‘What’s My Line?’ with 20 visitors from the local business community. This activity involved the students asking our visitors about their job/career and seeing if they could guess what job the visitor does for a living. Students enjoyed finding out about different careers – our visitors included an Author, a West End Dancer, an Architect, a Quantity Surveyor, a Management Consultant and an Estate Agent to name a few!


The second session was called ‘Fast Tomato’. This is a website where students answer various questions ranging from what their interests are to what they are good at and the website generates a job/jobs which may suit that particular student.


Lastly came a session called ‘The Real Cost of Living’. Students had to decide how much certain things would cost them in real life from their first car to a mortgage, from getting married to going on holiday. This was quite an eye-opener! The students enjoyed their hands-on day of careers activities and found the sessions useful and engaging.


Thank you to everyone who came in to support this event and make it so relevant and fun!

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