Year 8 Careers Day

Year 8 Careers Day



On Friday 13th July, our Year 8 students took part in a Careers Day. The first session, University Workshops, was run by 7 University of Sussex Ambassadors and involved our Year 8 students working in groups with each of the Ambassadors. The students learned about aspects of the degree course that each Ambassador was studying at University and discussions took place around environmental issues, budgeting, phobias, the human brain and the healthcare service. The students then went to their next session, Careers of the Future. During this session, they looked at job sectors ranging from healthcare to tourism and construction to agriculture. They discussed how the world of work is changing and what jobs or careers will there be in 10 years’ time. They were then set the task of designing a career of the future and presented their ideas to their fellow students. There were many interesting ideas including a rocket hotel, a robot doctor, a CO2 reduction officer and aerospace farming!


The students thoroughly enjoyed their Careers Day and went away with lots of new knowledge about University and Careers.


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