University of Sussex Trip

University of Sussex Trip



On Monday 4th December, our Year 9 First Generation students visited the University of Sussex campus in Falmer to spend the day exploring the practical applications of Maths and experiencing a taster of studying Art History. The morning session started with mathematics of shapes. The students had a box of Penrose tiles and worked in teams to build geometric shapes.  The Art History students learned about “ways of seeing” by taking a very close look at Vincent van Gogh. The students created some lovely artwork.


The afternoon mathematics session involved a probability experiment ‘The Great Race’ where students made predictions and then investigated with dice comparing theoretical probabilities with the relative frequency of the outcome occurring. Students then explored population estimation with capture and recapture in mathematical sampling in a practical manner.


In the afternoon session the Art students evaluated their paintings inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's use of colour and line in one of his most famous pieces. The students worked in groups to research the artist and then shared their findings. The students’ findings inspired them to look at the painting and Art in a different way to find meaning and purpose. I was very impressed with what they contributed by sharing their opinions of what they learnt about the artist.


Students enjoyed their day of practical Maths and Art, and have lots of ideas to bring back to school! Our thanks the University of Sussex and the Widening Participation team for another engaging and educational day at the campus.


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