Students Take Part In 'Cook & Count' Lesson

Students Take Part In 'Cook & Count' Lesson

Students take part in Cook and Count Cookery Lesson

Five of our students with type 1 diabetes took part in two ‘Cook and Count’ sessions with Sarah Bushell, NHS Consultant Dietitian for paediatric diabetes. The students took over the Food Tech room for a couple of hours and learnt how to cook meals with a healthier twist and to carb count them. People with type 1 diabetes have to manage their blood sugar levels by calculating the amount of carbohydrates in food and applying a ratio to determine the right insulin dose. The first session involved preparing and cooking chicken wraps and for the second session, the students learnt how to make healthier blueberry muffins. The students found the sessions useful and they particularly enjoyed sampling their healthy cooking! Our thanks to Sarah Bushell for running the sessions, to the Diabetes nurses who assisted her and to the Ratton Food Tech team!

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