Some people say Sociology is more than a subject – it’s a whole way of seeing the world. Sociology is the study of human societies and how they interact to shape people’s beliefs, behaviours and identity. Sociology is a subject based on research, but people interpret their results in different ways and, depending on their perspective, will have different opinions on the significance of what they find out.

Subject Leadership

Mrs R Vinson

Curriculum Leader


Mrs J Pittman

Lead Teacher



Sociology links well with other Humanities subjects like History, Geography and Ethics. However, because it is research based it also links well with Science and even Maths.
By studying Sociology GCSE you should learn and develop the following skills:

Formulate and investigate sociological questions and theories and make reasoned conclusions based on evidence.

  • Carry out independent research, but also analyse the research of others, judging and evaluating the evidence.
  • Good communication skills that allow you to present your arguments clearly.
  • Critical thinking and good problem-solving skills.
  • Time management, planning and group work skills.
  • Practical application of information technology.
  • Use of specific vocabulary and terminology

People who have studied Sociology are found in a variety of jobs including education, the criminal justice system, in local and central government, research, charity work, community development, counselling and social work. They also have the skills to pursue a career in journalism or management, or in academia. Any future career that involves working with the public would link with your study of Sociology. Future employers will know that someone with a qualification in Sociology will have the ability to appreciate that society is complex and diverse, they can make reasoned arguments and interpret evidence and can undertake and present scholarly work.

Here are some quotes from Year 10 Sociology students:

I find it really interesting. It’s situations you might be in; what’s going on around you.

It relates to a lot of stuff in school and out of school.

I think it’s really interesting. It’s like general knowledge but going more in-depth than you already know.

It helps you learn different skills like essay writing and data handling.