'Ratton Girls Can' Visit Raystede

'Ratton Girls Can' Visit Raystede



On Wednesday 18th October the pupils involved in Ratton Girls Can spent their day at Raystede Animal Sanctuary. Having worked hard, organising and hosting a cake sale they baked 130 cakes in an hour, selling them at break to raise £54.00 as a donation for the charity.

Upon arrival we looked around the sanctuary, patted the horses and admired the donkeys, then spent time learning about animal care and needs. After the introduction session we went off to meet and greet the dogs. We learnt about dog behaviour and about individual dogs that enter Raystede. We were then responsible for Lemmy and Louis who we took for fun filled walks in the rain across the fields of Sussex.

After our stroll it was off to care for the cats. Every day the cats need entertaining and nurturing as the cat become stressed in their new temporary homes. We went into the cattery and sat and played with the cats -  Pickachu was a favourite.

Following lunch, we were off to enhance the chicken enclosure, Raystede takes chickens that are no longer able to live on the local organic farm. In the large coup we hunted eggs, created food toys to hang from trees and checked on the well-being of the hens, all of whom were happily clucking during our visit.

We strolled around the lake and after a spot of geese spotting, we admired the exotic birds and then made our return to school.

The students were excellent ambassadors for the school and had a fantastic day.


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