Physics Day At Uni Sussex

Physics Day At Uni Sussex



On Monday 8th January, our Year 9 First Generation students visited the University of Sussex campus in Falmer to spend the day exploring Physics. The morning session started with our students constructing cucumber boats and experimenting how well the boats would float depending on how much flesh was scooped out of the cucumber. The students then made rowers out of modelling clay and placed them in the boats to see if the heavier boats would move faster through the water. The boats were then pitched against each other in a race.  Students then moved to their second workshop where they were given footballs, a pump and a measuring stick. They recorded how high the footballs bounced according to how much air was in the football. They then plotted the data on a graph and analysed the results.


After a delicious lunch in the University Refectory, students then returned to their afternoon sessions. The first workshop involved the physics of Frisbees! Students tried out Frisbee flying & learnt about aerodynamic lift and gyroscopic stability. Students were then challenged with constructing their own Frisbee out of paper plates and a test/competition was held to see whose flew the furthest.  The last workshop was all about kinetic energy. Students tried out a static bike to see whether they could pedal fast enough to power a DAB radio, Laptop Computer, Games Console, Desktop Computer or a Small Television.


The students enjoyed their day of practical Physics, and have lots of ideas to bring back to school! Our thanks the University of Sussex and the Widening Participation team for another engaging and educational day at the campus.



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