Lambs Visit Outdoor Learning Environment

Lambs Visit Outdoor Learning Environment


Visiting Lambs at Ratton

On Thursday the school was visited by five bottle fed lambs, brought by Chef Fisher Hing from a local sheep farm, and housed for the afternoon in the school’s beautiful and continually developing Outdoor Learning Environment. The lambs, all between 1 and 5 weeks old, were orphaned shortly after birth and have been being fed by hand ever since. This makes them very friendly and ideal for use in education.

Teachers from Food Technology, Maths, History, Geography, and English all brought students out to meet the lambs and enhance their curricula. Mrs Chalmers even weighed some lambs and used the data for her students to plot their growth on graphs back in the classroom.

The students learnt about each lamb’s specific history, their different breeds and traits, and their lives and futures on the farm. Most students agreed that though the lambs were cute, in a year’s time when fully grown they would also be delicious! Many of the students had the chance to handle the lambs safely, and a lucky few even got to feed them – and saw just how greedy they were at milk time. Chef Fisher Hing gave the students an insight into the care and husbandry involved in farming sheep and the various tasks undertaken by shepherds throughout the year, such as the need and expense of shearing, dagging out and trimming feet, and the luxurious lives lived by the farm’s three rams.

At lunch and afterschool, many staff, students, and some parents came to visit the lambs and have their fingers nibbled before waving goodbye – and washing their hands.

Ratton School would like to thank Clare and Christian Maherloughnan of Milwards Farm, Laughton for the lending of the lambs, the school site team who built a wonderful pen to house them in for the afternoon, and Chef Fisher Hing for organising the event, and driving lambs around in the car.

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