Humanities students star in Channel 4 TV Programme!

Humanities students star in Channel 4 TV Programme!

History/Geography Trip Pett Level Beach, Hastings


On the 26th May 2017 10 Ratton students were offered an amazing opportunity to appear in a Channel 4 programme called Britain at Low Tide, which explores archaeology along the British coastline.


Lara and Stephanie, two Archaeologists from CitiZan (the Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network), the presenter Tori, and our students were filmed by crew from Tern Production. In two teams they explored the remains of a submerged forest which is approximately 6, 000 years old and is still visible on the shore at low tide for people to explore today. Students chatted on camera with Lara and Stephanie, and the presenter Tori and asked questions about what they found.


Pett Level Beach is a wonderful site to visit if you are keen to also find fossils and a want to see dinosaur footprints!


The students were a real credit to Ratton School and we look forward to spotting them on television in November.

Well done to the following students: Rheya Ansell, Taegan Byroo, Ollie Dagostar, Ella Harris, Gini Harvey, Bukhosi Msipha, Mollie Simpson, Tyriece Whiteoak, Joe Whitmore and Lara Vaney.

Here is an account by Ella Harris:

Perfect Pett Level!

It was not so long ago that I attended the intriguing archaeological based trip on the sunny Pett Level, and it was not at all what one might expect.

I walked through the remains of a once thriving forest and I felt so small. Everywhere I looked I saw fascinating gnarled roots and fossilised creatures looking almost shocked in their sort-of new, stony homes. What was also mind blowing was that archaeologists had found a cave, possibly supporting human life due to some flint tools found there.

As we were being filmed for the Channel 4 Britain at Low Tide if we found something we had to ‘find’ it again on camera and you had to move back into the space you were in previously. We discovered a wide variety of trees (after a briefing from the archaeologists Lara and Stephanie) and once looked at and assessed we stuck a numbered piece of paper onto the tree to mark that it had been looked at, co-ordinates had been placed and tree sketched. We all had to work against the clock due to the risk of the tide coming in and the much needed sunlight for filming. As our time came to a close at this wonderful trip, we did one last scene with the presenter named Tori.  

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