Dance Trip To The Dome

Dance Trip To The Dome

Dance trip: The Ballet Boyz


I believe I speak for all of the students who attended the trip on Monday evening to Brighton when I say, The Ballet Boyz were exceptional! As we sat down for the evening unsure as to what the night would entail, we were pleasantly surprised watching the skilful young men perform various dances, each one even better than the last. A story was conveyed through every piece, which gave us the chance to share ideas as to what the meaning was behind each performance, some more obvious than others.


It was an evening, which not only inspired us to improve our dance: style, technique and storytelling, but it also gave us a taste of the dance world and the professionalism of the dancers and how that could be us in just a few years.

We observed them convey their strength, interpret a softer flow, which, stereotypically, a woman would usually have done, and what really grasped our attention is how their actions completely changed the mood of the theatre.

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