CCF Christmas Promotion

CCF Christmas Promotion



On Wednesday 12th December Ratton CCF took to their last Cadet session before the Christmas break. The Cadets enjoyed some fun and games on the range using balloons as targets. This was then turned into a challenge as the Cadets had 2 seconds to look at the target before the lights went out. The challenge was then to shoot the target and realign the sights once the lights came on again for 5 seconds. Cadets were in pairs and had 10 balloons and 5 rounds each to complete the challenge.


Further to this I had the privilege to promote two of our outstanding cadets to the Rank of Lance Corporal.  The newly appointed CCF Colonel Cadets Antony Lamb presented both cadets with their rank slides and introduced them to their new roles. All Ratton CCF Cadets were then awarded their CCF Army basic badges. Congratulations to Thomas Line and Leah Thomson.


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