Big Bang Winners!

Big Bang Winners!

This year, eleven year 7 and 8 students from Ratton school entered projects in the South East Region Big Bang Science Fair Competition.  This contest allows students to build their confidence and skills in science, maths and engineering.  Students completed science projects that they have been working on throughout the year, and created a display board to show off their work.  These projects were then explained to several panels of judges to compete for prizes, either for their individual projects or the school, alongside other students from numerous local private and public schools.   Nearly 9,000 9-19 year olds, and their teachers, from across the region attended The Big Bang Fair South East, and enjoyed a day of exciting and fun-filled shows, interactive displays and hands-on workshops, inspiring them to consider the varied opportunities and careers that studying STEM subjects can open up to them.

Ratton school entered three projects this year.  Tom Line, Cailen Pearce, Liam Griffin, Callum Green, Scott Pierce and James Hastie’s project was titled ‘Mag –Lev Train’ and the students made their own working model of a levitating train and the explored these trains as an environmentally friendly replacement for our current rail system.  The second project, ‘Which plant reduces the most CO2?’, completed by Leo Sowdon, Leigha Thompson, Angela China and Gini Harvey investigated how efficient plants are at removing CO2 from the atmosphere and the impact this could have on reducing global warming.  ‘The pH of soil and growth’ completed by Ella Harris explored how the pH of soil effects plant growth, and the implications this has for food production and national health.

These projects were completed to an extremely high standard, and the subjects, how they were investigated and the write up were completed by the students from start to finish.  Judges were impressed with the confidence and enthusiasm with which the students explained their ideas to them, and other members of the public, students and teachers.  The judges regularly commented the resilience of the students, and their determination to complete some complicated projects.  The students also shared their experiences at Science Club, run by Mrs Belbin and Mr Crosby on Wednesday after school, including all the activities that they have done, the skills they have developed and how they have been inspired to think about scientific careers and their future.

The students had an excellent day finding out about new scientific ideas, industries and the opportunities open to them as young scientists.  Ratton School Science Club was also awarded STEM Club of the Year in the South East Region as a result of the students enthusiasm and excellent communication of activities taken part in this year.  This is a great achievement for students in Science Club and is a reflection of their hard work, enthusiasm and commitment throughout the year.   If any Ratton students would like to join our award winning Science Club next year for an opportunity to compete in this event and enjoy a variety of fun science activities, come along on Wednesday after school next year, or ask for more information from your Science teacher.

Well done Science Club for being such excellent ambassadors for our school!!!

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