Big Bang Show!

Big Bang Show!




On Wednesday 19th April, 44 Year 7 students went across to Brighton University to see the Big Bang Show. The session on Astronomy included a Question and Answer session with a 'real' astronomer, where we explored issues such as existence of aliens and 'what would happen if the Sun suddenly disappeared'?  The other part of the session was composed of creating a comet out of many chemicals including dry ice! The students fully participated in this with enthusiasm and some were even successful. The 'comet' fizzed and was extremely cold and had a somewhat toxic smell to it.


The other half of the group attended a session on 'Ugly Animals' where they explored issues surrounding endangered species which are not so pretty, thus they do not get the advertising which, for example, a polar bear does.


The second session was visiting hands-on exhibits where students explored formations of different bubbles, crisp tasting, optics, and animal handling to name a few. There were other exhibitions where students could talk about prospects of having a career in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). It was lovely to see all students participating well and being true representatives of Ratton School.

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