Apollo will endeavour at all times to have integrity to do what we say we will do, to the very best of our ability.


Each community has its own colour and its own leadership team, comprising of the Head of Community, Care and Welfare Manager and an Attendance Officer. This team leads weekly community assemblies and oversees the staff and students within their community.

Through the Learning Communities, we can offer students a greater sense of belonging within a large school. By working together as smaller communities we encourage healthy inter-community competition, of both a sporting and academic nature; create more opportunities to celebrate success and be proud of the achievements of students within each community; tackle bullying issues more effectively and encourage students of different ages to mix and support one another. We believe this supports our whole school ethos and our ’Achieving Together’ motto.

Each community has chosen its own charity to support, and fundraising events - led by the students in each community - take place throughout the school year.

Adelphi is a vibrant community where every student counts and is valued. We have 3 expectations of Adelphi students and they make up our motto. They are:

  • Smile every day and make someone else smile
  • Learn something new everyday
  • Be the best that you can
Community Personnel
Mr Kingham Head of Community
Mrs Jones Care and Welfare
Year 7 Tutors
Mrs Newton-Brown Mrs Belbin
Mixed Tutor Groups
Mr Goddard Mrs Appasawmy               
Mrs Campbell/ Mr Crosby Mrs Clark/Mrs Lock
Mr Ferguson Mrs Chalk
Mrs Wiacek/Mrs Welsh Mr Froome
Student Leadership
Christina Butt Jarvis Chater
Charly Crook Callum Halton
Katie Cooper Haydn Richards