Adelphi Student Leaders Visit Pestalozzi Village

Adelphi Student Leaders Visit Pestalozzi Village



Adelphi Student Leaders visit new charity at Pestalozzi Village

 Pestalozzi is a locally-based charity that work with nine countries across the globe to provide a quality education to students from those countries once they reach the age of 16. It relies solely on fundraising and donations and we felt it was a worthy charity to fund-raise for over the course of the year. On Monday 24th the Adelphi community leaders were lucky enough to go to the Pestalozzi village itself and see first hand  the incredible work Pestalozzi does. We were introduced to a number of students (all first years at Sussex Coast College) from countries such as: Uganda, Zimbabwe, Nepal, India, and Tibet. They were all eager to share with us their love for the education Pestalozzi has enabled them to have and, as they toured the Adelphi team around the grounds, it became clear that they were all so thankful for the opportunity they'd been given. Each student partakes in a number of extra-curriculum activities - activities including Mandarin, Spanish, Guitar lessons - and was keen to tell us about they're home village and the application process for Pestalozzi. After spending an evening with such passionate young adults it became very clear that choosing Pestalozzi as a charity was an incredibly good decision, and we hope to raise as much money as possible to help these teens achieve their dreams and give as many people as possible the quality education they are entitled to.


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